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Course 1: Digitalization of production processes

Course information

Date of the course: 03/04/2023 - 08/05/2023
Price: 1450 PLN
Rzeszow University of Technology
Faculty of Management
Department of Enterprise Management
room: 415
phone: +48 17 865 30 41

About the course

A graduate of the course receives theoretical and practical preparation to expand knowledge and skills in the field of the latest technologies. The course allows you to gain modern and useful knowledge: about mechanisms to ensure security in OS Windows, wireless networks, and encryption of disks and partitions; regarding new trends in the area of selected digital tools, digitalization, and digital transformations; of modeling production processes, creating business relationships, and remote team management.

Course program

  1. Selected issues of IoT (Internet of Things) systems engineering (5 hours)

Basic concepts of systems approach. Definitions, taxonomies, properties. Historical and mathematical background. Examples of simple and complex systems. Mathematical models for complex systems engineering: simulations of transitions and complex structures.

  1. Databases in IT (5 hours)

Basic mechanisms of data analysis - SQL language. Fundamentals of Structured Query Language (SQL), Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML).

  1. IT system security basics (5 hours)

Basic mechanisms of ensuring security in OS Windows. Encryption of disks and partitions. Theoretical background: principle of operation, encryption algorithms. Program installation (configuration, disk determination, parameter selection, key generation). Analysis of the resilience of wireless networks. Theoretical basis: principle of operation, encryption protocols. Performing an attack on the WEP protocol. Performing a brute-force attack on the WPA / WPA2-PSK protocol.

  1. Digitalization in product development, design and manufacturing (4 hours)

Modern digital tools used in mechanical and manufacturing engineering (e.g. CAx software tools and machines). Application of CAx tools in manufacturing firms. Design of products and manufacturing processes. Product development. Technological process planning. CNC programming and CNC manufacturing.

  1. Introduction to Industry 4.0 with SAP (4 hours)

Introduction to the Industry 4.0. Basic concept of Industry 4.0 by using the SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) system. The use of a simulated production plant, represented by the Smart Factory Line Monitor. Advanced functionalities of the SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) system.

  1. Digitalization in manufacturing process inspection (4 hours)

Introduction to scanning electron microscope (SEM). Surface topography measurement and analysis (contact and non-contact methods). Automation features in surface topography analysis. 3D image stitching methods using white-light interferometry. Best practices for 3D reconstruction of 2D SEM images.

  1. Digitalisation in the field of product quality control (3 hours)

Contact and non-contact coordinate measurements of products characterized by regular geometric shapes and composed of free-form surfaces. Stages of programming of a coordinate measuring machine.

  1. Modeling of productionprocesses (6 hours)

Introduction to simulation. Simulation model. Simulation of production processes. Simulation of discrete events in production systems. Methods, techniques, tools for simulation processes. Simulation software - Enterprise Dynamics. Modeling of production systems with a professional DES-software - Enterprise Dynamics.

  1. Building business relationships. Business development aspects  (5 hours)

Stakeholders in business relationships. Conditions and requirements for building long-term relationships with stakeholders. Trust as an element of business relationships. Benefits of building long-term business relationships. Ways to build long-term business relationships (networking).

  1. Remote team management (4 hours)

Remote team management: selected methods of team management; tools used for remote work. Form of classes: workshops.

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